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I want the future to be better than the past. I don’t want it contaminated by the mistakes and errors with which history is filled. We should all be concerned about the future because that is where we will spend the reminder of our lives.

The past is gone and static. Nothing we can do will change it. The future is before us and dynamic. Everything we do will effect it.

Each day will brings with it new frontiers, in our homes and in our businesses, if we will only recognize them. We are just at the beginning of the progress in every field of human endeavor.








励志小短文九:Burning Your Soul Candle

I have a few candles stored in a drawer in my dining room. They’re meant for romantic dinners and special occasions, but since the arrival of our three children they have lain unnoticed among the napkins and other things. They are waiting to be taken out and lit to share their glow with anyone who will take the time to bask in their brilliance.

Are not our souls like those candles, patiently waiting for someone to come and let us be ourselves? We are all waiting for our own moments to shine; we each have a special light, unmatched by any other.

Candles are made up of wax and a wick; we have bodies, but our essence lies in our minds and souls. Candles are unique in their colors, shapes and designs. Our life histories and experiences are the backdrops of who we are, but our minds are like candle wicks, and make our passions flame. Unlike the candles in my drawer, who get used or not used depending on my whims, we control our own thoughts, and how brightly we will burn or dimly we will shine.

Is your soul candle dimmed by circumstance or lack of passion and direction? Is it hidden in a drawer of stress, worry or resentment? Make a choice to let yourself shine the way you were meant to shine.






励志小短文十:Embark on a New Beginning

It is the road you take that decides your destiny but not your destiny that decides the road you take.

The question is: Are you satisfied with who you are? Are you doing what you are capable of doing? Do you get excited about what you are going to do when you get up in the morning? It is high time you asked these questions that reflect the truth about your life. More often than not we have the ability to achieve much greater things, but we get caught in the average things in life and waste our potential. Each one of us has immense ability. But most of us fail to use it. Why?

1. There is no exact purpose for your life.

2. You underestimate yourself.

3. You are too busy to think about any-thing.

4. You are in a comfortable zone.

5. You fear failure.

Ask yourself, what difference am I making in the lives of others? Would you be happy and satisfied with what you have achieved? Are you following your passion? You must find what you love and what gives you fulfillment.

Don’t be afraid to make a new beginning. Go deep and explore the possibilities. As you go deeper and deeper, you begin to add meaning to your life.




1. 生活没有明确的目标